WebVR Unity exporter test

Here are a few scenes for WebVR (exported from Unity):



Campfire scene: https://adityabawankule.me/Unity/WebVR/Campfire/index.html

Island scene: https://adityabawankule.me/Unity/WebVR/Beach/index.html

(Sound: “20121014_surf_05.wav” by dobroide of Freesound.org)

Default scene: https://adityabawankule.me/Unity/WebVR/Test/index.html

New default scene, with interaction: https://adityabawankule.me/Unity/WebVR/Build/index.html

The WebVR implementation seems to work for GearVR pretty well (minus some performance issues), but the Cardboard version doesn’t seem to work right now, seems to be a Unity WebGL export problem.

Here is the exporter maintained by Mozilla: https://github.com/mozilla/unity-webvr-export

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