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Zombie Town mobile port released

Zombie Town is now out on the Play Store. Get it here! Zombie Town features intense and endless waves of vicious zombies, who will quickly overpower you if you do not react quickly and shoot...


ZombieTown VR Port WIP

Early version of ZombieTown’s VR port, running on an HTC Vive. Featuring advanced weapon interaction and storage, as well as exploding zombies.  


ArCore Virtual Forest

Just a quick test of the ArCore Unity plugin. Users tap to place randomized objects onto planes, including trees rocks and bushes, to create their own virtual forest. Plane tracking is pretty good but...


Nerf gun tracked in Virtual Reality

In order to create a more tactile interface within VR, I have begun designing my own tracked accessory. Currently, I am using a controller for tracking, but this will change in the future. Here...


Mobile Augmented Reality using Vuforia

In order to visualize Multi-Variable Calculus 3d shapes in real space as well as other 3D content, I have started developing Augmented Reality apps using the Vuforia SDK. Here are some screenshots from what...